Spike Coggins

Spike Coggins aka Troy Hartman aka Chewy is not only a man of many names, but a man of many talents. Known in reality as Troy Hartman or “Chewy” (for his large stature and long beard and hair), Spike Coggins is his logging/mining company-working alter-ego. Putting together the childhood nicknames of “Spike” and “Cog,” this chain-toting, banjo-playing solo act has been playing for the last two years. You may also recognize Chewy from his role as banjo player for the band Old Death Whisper, many of whom were original members of Chewy’s first band, the Damphools. But Chewy’s solo act is not to be confused with Old Death Whisper or any other local band for that matter. Playing a sound he describes as “folky and very Idaho,” Chewy has a very minimalist set-up for the sound he is trying to create. With a board underneath him to amplify the sound, Chewy straps a heavy chain to his ankle to tap in time to the music, creating the percussion portion of his set. When asked why he uses the chain, Chewy says, “The chain, to me, was more than just about being chained down. It was a working tool back in the day. And as for sound, it’s got ping and dings and nuances that I’m hearing come off these mining and logging camps…I feel like I should be in front of a mining or logging camp, that’s where my inspiration comes from.” As for what started his solo career, Chewy just wanted to play more and more music. “I just wanted to play more. I have lots of material that I presented to the band (Old Death Whisper) but I realized I wanted to learn more and sit in with new people and just learn about the live production of music. So Spike Coggins was born.” With two bands under his belt and a banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and harmonica, it seems there’s really nothing the multiple personalities of Chewy’s music career can’t handle. Don’t miss him on Saturday from 7-8pm awesomeness!!

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