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Welcome Old Cemetery Road Festival Friends! This info will be at the gate.)


Just a few things to remember before you attend this event. This is on private land please be respectful to the area and of course our neighbors, we will have to keep the music on the down-low after midnight but the fun won’t stop. Please bring friends and family to your discretion we are trying to keep this event safe so no problems will arise. You will enter the gate that says Old Cemetery Music Festival, so once you enter everyone is family!! 😉 Please plan on staying we don’t want anyone driving if drinking. We will plan on keeping the gate shut after 10pm so we can all have fun so plan on making your decisions about staying before then. There will be security at this event to keep everyone safe so bring a sober driver or plan on calling a cab if you have to leave us for any reason? But please plan on staying we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the fun.


FEES- We are asking $40-50 for the three days to cover the costs of the bands and making festival great. Please tip when you can the bands are playing for less than they sometime make so if you like some of the bands there will be a tip jar during each bands performance every little bit helps!!


SNACK TABLE- I will have a snack table available for us and the bands so if you can donate one item like i.e.; chips, nuts, finger foods, veggies, fruit, or anything else to keep our snack on during the times there is no food being served (especially midnight snackers ) Water will be available at all times.



We have plenty of room for parking if camping please follow signs and park out in the pasture.  We are asking a $10 fee per night to park this year to help cover costs. Just remember closer to the stage the louder it may be. If you are not camping there is day parking up front if you need a place to sleep we do have a few camper queen beds available (first come first serve).



Looking like it will be high 80’s to low 90’s and sunny by day and clear at night. Seems likely that we won’t see any precipitation, but come prepared just in case. Definitely come with layers. And if you have EZ-up’s please bring them we can always use the shade/cover.


VOLUNTEERS- We don’t have a lot of holes to fill, but we do have some. All are really easy and only an hour at most while you’re at the Clark place. It’s a fun way to get further involved and we can definitely use the help. Please click the link I posted and sign up!


FIRES. We will have the one large bonfire each night.  Absolutely NO FIREWORKS!!


FOOD – There will be food at this event we don’t want you to have to drive to get food so please support our local businesses that are kind enough to come out and serve.  Please bring extra $ to enjoy Hardy’s Pub, Indian tacos on Fry bread, Shane’s Perspective and Chewy’s yummy tacos you won’t regret it!!


SAFETY FIRST Please be advised that this is a private party and although we are concerned for your safety, your safety is your responsibility. I am posting a waiver please be kind all must sign it to enter. There are several areas you need to avoid for your safety. We do have bees on our property in the pasture they will be clearly marked and not threatening but please keep your distance. Also avoid the irrigation ditches they are our land borders on the east side of the property


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please check our website for band schedules volunteer sign-up and more

Remember these things:

— Camping on site

— Very little shade, be prepared for hot and possible rain.

— Several food vendors on site for purchase.  

— Water available, but good to bring your own if possible

— Dog friendly please have leashes (please use discretion and bring kid, people and dog friendly dogs only)

— Family friendly

— Might also need money for: band souvenirs, music fest souvenirs (shirts, and posters, etc.).

— Please drink at your own discretion, I am not promoting or denying alcohol on our property but we will have security that are off-duty police so no underage drinking will be tolerated.

–And remember no ASSHOLES!! FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! You will be asked to leave immediately if involved without any refund.

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